White collar criminal defence

What we do/ Specific Areas of Focus

  • Representing companies and individuals during all types of investigation by law-enforcement agencies (including appealing against related decisions and actions by law-enforcement officers or preparing a legal position)
  • Advising clients and protecting and representing their interests during criminal proceedings conducted within the Russian Federation
  • Identifying business crime risks
  • Assisting in performance of the expert examinations required in a criminal case: seeking suitable experts and expert organisations, liaising between investigative bodies and experts and monitoring the quality of expert examinations
  • Arranging and carrying out international investigations into offences suspected of being committed against an organisation
  • Preparing opinions, based on available information (including that provided by lawenforcement agencies), on the prospects for investigation into criminal cases
  • Training personnel on what to do during an investigation by law-enforcement agencies
  • Drafting guidance for clients on what to do when law-enforcement or regulatory agencies carry out audits
  • Drafting internal instructions for client personnel on working with counterparties to prevent commercial bribery

Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner (Russia) LLP’s Dispute Resolution team specialising in criminal law and corporate criminal defence is among the strongest in Russia.

The advocates of this Practice represent clients in criminal proceedings in economic and corruption cases.

These experts have tremendous experience in providing comprehensive defence to executives and top-managers against criminal prosecution, ranging from representation before law-enforcement agencies and other state authorities, including round-the-clock emergency call-out in any conflict situation, up to acting for our clients in criminal proceedings, both in Russia and abroad.

The Legal 500 2020

The team always provides high-quality support and reacts very quickly, if needed. Lawyers are very business-oriented and understand our needs and our specific issues.

The Practice’s team of attorneys is experienced in conducting internal investigations into various crimes against business committed by employees, shareholders or even third parties.

We offer 24-hour emergency call-out in any situation to protect our client’s interests during criminal proceedings both in Russia and abroad.

Over the last year, our lawyers have helped more than 250 corporate clients, with 90% of the cases terminated at the preliminary investigation stage.

We have experience of acting for clients before courts, lawenforcement agencies or other state authorities in virtually all Russian regions and CIS countries. For instance, over the last year, we have defended the interests of clients in 83 constituent entities of the Russian Federation, from Kaliningrad to Sakhalin.

In addition, our advocates have considerable expertise in using criminal law mechanisms to defend infringed rights and legitimate interests of clients.

Our team of lawyers has expertise in international investigations into crimes committed against companies by their employees or shareholders or by other parties.

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White collar criminal defence

Panasonic Russia

Successfully represented Panasonic Russia in a dispute with a former landlord that illegally withheld property after expiry of a lease. Our application to the Department for Economic Security of the Ministry of the Interior resulted in a criminal case being brought against the management of the landlord and return of the property.


Regular support for the client on all aspects of interaction with law-enforcement agencies, including representing its interests as a victim in various criminal cases relating to theft of products and an RTA involving its personnel. Our team also provided defence representation during investigations into alleged offences relating to consumer complaints (no criminal cases have so far been initiated).

A major global furniture and household goods retailer

Acted successfully for the company during an audit by the Moscow Region Prosecutor’s Office seeking evidence of intellectual property law violations and protected the interests of senior management during the investigation into the alleged offence. Our actions ensured that no criminal case was initiated against the company or its management.


Comprehensive support to Covidien and the management of their Russian unit in liaising with law-enforcement authorities, including protection in law-enforcement investigations.


Represented a client in several criminal cases involving former employees accused of misappropriation and embezzlement, as well as other fraud against the client, and in connection with theft of its vehicles.

A leading global sporting goods manufacturer

During criminal case proceedings, a batch of our client’s goods was seized as material evidence. Our lawyers managed to have the goods returned, allowing the client to deliver the batch to its counterparty on time.

Leading global manufacturer of household electronics

Advised and acted for employees of the leading global manufacturer of household electronics and medical equipment, from engineers to top managers, during a range of investigations by the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation and other law-enforcement agencies into alleged violations during state tenders and auctions for procuring tomographs and other medical equipment.

Major mineral fertiliser supplier

Successfully defended our client’s management against unjustified criminal prosecution. According to the investigator, our client’s management allegedly stole over USD 30 m by purchasing goods by deferred payment. By carefully preparing testimonies provided by the client’s employees and submitting complaints against the investigator’s actions, we had the resolution initiating a criminal case cancelled owing to absence of a crime.


An application was submitted by the new management and founders of a company to initiate a criminal case against the former CEO. It was based on alleged thefts involving unlawful bonuses and fictitious hiring. Our lawyers proved that the employees had, indeed, fulfilled their job duties and no fictitious hiring had taken place. No criminal case was brought.

Automotive sector

Acted for clients in a number of criminal cases relating to fraud committed against them by dealership managers.

A leading global foodstuffs manufacturer

Successfully settled a dispute (involving threatened criminal proceedings) over infringements of patents. Our lawyers resolved the case at the preliminary investigation stage and no criminal case was brought.


Successfully acted for a client in a dispute with the Customs, which had initiated a criminal case for failure to make customs payments as result of allegedly incorrect application of a reduced VAT rate to imported foodstuffs.

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White collar criminal defence