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"Coming up with hidden critical issues."
Nalco Company
Vaclav Harant, General Director for Russia and CIS
"The team of real professionals, each of them capable, when necessary, of providing robust legal support for achieving any business objective."
Siberian Coal Energy Company (SUEK)
Alexander Redkin, Legal Director
"We would like to note the impeccable quality of the services provided to us and the high standard of professionalism demonstrated by the team, together with a profound understanding of our business specifics and strategic mission."
Aleksey Nikiforov, Legal Support,
"… a profound understanding of how the Russian energy industry ticks and an impressive track record of energy and infrastructure projects, including with an international footprint."
Dmitry Panchenko, Legal Director
"An undeniable strength of the firm is its high level of competence and the ability to find the best solution to complex legal challenges."
United Metallurgical Company (OMK)
Vladimir Markin, President

Guardian Industries

Industrial Manufacturing
Represented the Guardian Group in complicated tax disputes, in several Russian regions, following Russian tax authorities’ refusal to allow VAT and costs relating to intragroup service contracts to be deducted.

Wine Brandy Plant Alliance-1892 LLC

Defended Wine Brandy Plant Alliance-1892 LLC, a major Russian cognac and whiskey producer, in a landmark tax dispute. We proved to the Supreme Court that the adjustment made to VAT deductions upon importation of goods into Russia had been illegal.

Sealed Air Kaustik

Industrial Manufacturing
Food & Beverages / Restaurants
Sealed Air Kaustik JSC: the team won a complicated tax dispute related to bad faith suppliers in the Povolzhskiy District Commercial Court (case No. А12-11807/2017). Even though this type of dispute currently sees very few taxpayer wins, the team managed to convince the court by developing effective defence tactics and providing comprehensive evidence that the client had not received any unjustified tax benefit.

Jaguar Land Rover, Avtoframos (Renault), Volvo Cars, Philips

Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals
Jaguar Land Rover, Avtoframos (Renault), Volvo Cars, Philips, Xerox, Alliance Healthcare: Successfully representing companies before the Supreme Commercial Court concerning VAT on bonuses granted by suppliers to their dealers.


Industrial Manufacturing
Successfully supported Kronospan during a field tax audit in relation to application of thin capitalization rules. This outcome was a result of our team.

A Russian project company

A Russian project company of a major European property developer: complex tax litigation claiming more than USD 20 mln in VAT that was refused for recovery by the tax authorities based on.

A major global consumer packaged goods company

Defended the no-VAT status of bonuses received by a local distributor of a major global consumer packaged goods company.

A major global retailer

Developed an innovative tax litigation approach that allowed a Russian subsidiary of a major global retailer to recover input VAT on what the tax authorities claimed to be a “bad faith” supplier - an area where the courts tend to favour the tax authorities.

A leading global automotive manufacturer

By actively pursuing recovery of court-related expenses, convinced a local tax office to drop some claims against a Russian division of a leading global automotive manufacturer. Developed a tax strategy for optimal tax treatment of vehicles returned by customers directly to the importer under the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law, and helped structure the provision of an extended warranty in a tax efficient way.