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"Coming up with hidden critical issues."
Nalco Company
Vaclav Harant, General Director for Russia and CIS
"The team of real professionals, each of them capable, when necessary, of providing robust legal support for achieving any business objective."
Siberian Coal Energy Company (SUEK)
Alexander Redkin, Legal Director
"We would like to note the impeccable quality of the services provided to us and the high standard of professionalism demonstrated by the team, together with a profound understanding of our business specifics and strategic mission."
Aleksey Nikiforov, Legal Support,
"… a profound understanding of how the Russian energy industry ticks and an impressive track record of energy and infrastructure projects, including with an international footprint."
Dmitry Panchenko, Legal Director
"An undeniable strength of the firm is its high level of competence and the ability to find the best solution to complex legal challenges."
United Metallurgical Company (OMK)
Vladimir Markin, President


Successfully interceded and acted on behalf of Philips in a case initiated by the Russian Federal Antimonopoly Service regarding circulation of improper advertisements.


Food & Beverages / Restaurants
Successfully defended the Client before the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) of Russia in a case concerning the Pedigree TV commercial “School kids”, which, according to the FAS, infringed the advertising legislation by showing minors in dangerous situations. Following case consideration by the FAS Expert Council, continued broadcasting of the disputed commercials on TV was allowed.

Major pharmaceutical company

Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals
Developed a legal position and assisted with initiating an FAS case against competitors for advertising biologically active supplements under names coinciding with those of prescription medicaments (surrogate advertising). Having considered the case, the regulator ruled that such advertising was inadmissible.

Sun Inbev

Successfully defended the client in a more than RUB 2 bn action in connection with its Zhigulevskoye beer packaging and Moscow Brewing Company’s Zhiguli beer trade marks and packaging design.

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries

Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals
Ongoing advice on advertising. Among other things, we review, on a daily basis, all the client’s promotional materials distributed in different forms (websites, articles, printed and electronic materials) to ensure compliance with the Russian statutory requirements and the volatile enforcement practice of the FAS Russia and national courts. Over the last year, we have reviewed more than 1,500 items of the client’s marketing materials.

Legislative work

Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals
On 7 November 2018, pharmaceutical manufacturers and associations, in consultation with the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia, signed Recommendations on compliance with the laws on advertising non-prescription medicines. Acting as the exclusive legal advisor for the initiative, we helped craft the Recommendations.

Unilever Rus LLC

We successfully acted for our Client in a case initiated by Nestle Russia LLC (owner of the MAGGI trade mark) over use of the ‘Knorr. Pure Flavour. No Magic.’ slogan in its commercials. Our team managed to defend the Client’s position in courts of three instances.


Developed legal grounds for using a high-risk slogan in advertising TV-sets (“number one”, “No. 1”). We organised an ambitious combined (legal and sociological) study to provide the Client with the evidence and detailed instructions to enable it to use, with minimum risks, an advertising slogan for which companies are usually sued by the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS).

Reckitt Benckiser

Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals
Advised on the risks associated with distributing sample medications as part of a promo campaign.