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"Coming up with hidden critical issues."
Nalco Company
Vaclav Harant, General Director for Russia and CIS
"The team of real professionals, each of them capable, when necessary, of providing robust legal support for achieving any business objective."
Siberian Coal Energy Company (SUEK)
Alexander Redkin, Legal Director
"We would like to note the impeccable quality of the services provided to us and the high standard of professionalism demonstrated by the team, together with a profound understanding of our business specifics and strategic mission."
Aleksey Nikiforov, Legal Support,
"… a profound understanding of how the Russian energy industry ticks and an impressive track record of energy and infrastructure projects, including with an international footprint."
Dmitry Panchenko, Legal Director
"An undeniable strength of the firm is its high level of competence and the ability to find the best solution to complex legal challenges."
United Metallurgical Company (OMK)
Vladimir Markin, President

Guardian Group

Industrial Manufacturing
We represented the Guardian Group in complicated tax disputes when the Russian tax authorities had refused to deduct VAT and expenses related to intra-group service agreements.

STS Logistics

Transportation & Logistics
Appealed, in court, against a BTI and a claim for payment of customs dues and participated in the relevant administrative proceedings. Despite the negative case history and the extremely ambiguous legislation currently regulating classification of the goods imported by the client (hydrocracking reactors) we succeeded in proving that all decisions issued by the customs authorities on the matter were illegal and in having the administrative case closed. The fiscal claims against our client totalled over RUB 0.5 bn.


Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals
Acting for Sanofi, won a series of customs classification cases heard by the Federal Arbitrazh (Commercial Court) for the Central Circuit, despite negative customs practice and case history on classification of similar goods elsewhere in Russia. The amount in dispute was over RUB 100 m per annum.

Russian Gas Turbines

Energy, Natural Resources, Mining & Infrastructure
Representing Russian Gas Turbines (a joint venture of General Electric, Inter RAO and United Engine Corporation), we proved that the importer was entitled to apply customs benefits to imported goods (power plant gas turbine components) even when the goods’ designated purpose underlying the benefits was formally confirmed by a competent authority only after the goods had already been cleared through customs.

Wine Brandy Plant Alliance-1892 LLC

Defended Wine Brandy Plant Alliance-1892 LLC, a major Russian cognac and whiskey producer, in a landmark tax dispute. We proved to the Supreme Court that the adjustment made to VAT deductions upon importation of goods into Russia had been illegal.

Jaguar Land Rover, Avtoframos (Renault), Volvo Cars, Philips

Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals
Jaguar Land Rover, Avtoframos (Renault), Volvo Cars, Philips, Xerox, Alliance Healthcare: Successfully representing companies before the Supreme Commercial Court concerning VAT on bonuses granted by suppliers to their dealers.


Court representation of OBI in a dispute with the Customs over adjustment of the customs value of imported products (Christmas trees). We were able to prove that the Customs’ decision was unlawful. In its adjustment, the Customs had incorrectly compared the value of our client’s products with that of similar goods imported by others. Specifically, the comparison had used information on the value of the goods imported into Russia much earlier than the client’s products. Furthermore, the Customs had ignored the considerable differences between the volumes of supplies of the client’s products and those of the reference goods imported by others.