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"Coming up with hidden critical issues."
Nalco Company
Vaclav Harant, General Director for Russia and CIS
"The team of real professionals, each of them capable, when necessary, of providing robust legal support for achieving any business objective."
Siberian Coal Energy Company (SUEK)
Alexander Redkin, Legal Director
"We would like to note the impeccable quality of the services provided to us and the high standard of professionalism demonstrated by the team, together with a profound understanding of our business specifics and strategic mission."
Aleksey Nikiforov, Legal Support,
"… a profound understanding of how the Russian energy industry ticks and an impressive track record of energy and infrastructure projects, including with an international footprint."
Dmitry Panchenko, Legal Director
"An undeniable strength of the firm is its high level of competence and the ability to find the best solution to complex legal challenges."
United Metallurgical Company (OMK)
Vladimir Markin, President


Energy, Natural Resources, Mining & Infrastructure
Representing RusHydro in an international arbitration brought against the Kyrgyz Government over reimbursement of RusHydro’s costs of USD 37m incurred in connection with the project for construction of the Upper-Naryn hydroelectric power plant cascade in Kyrgyzstan.

VTB Bank

Banks & Financial Institutions
Represented the client in an LCIA arbitration against a Cyprus company, under a loan agreement governed by English law. The total value of the claim was about USD 135 m. The project was exceptionally complex and we successfully pushed back against the opponents, who had adopted a very active stance. This was a unique case: the other side brought together a tremendous amount of diverse information from other overseas cases (in which we had not participated) in an attempt to prove that the bank suffered from systemic problems.

Sochi Olympic Games

Entertainment & Media
We represented athletes in a sports arbitration (the Ad Hoc Division of the Court of Arbitration for Sport) during the Winter Olympics.

A major Russian bank

Banks & Financial Institutions
Recovering a debt owed by two Russian borrowers from their Turkish sureties and a Maltese guarantor. The sum in dispute is more than USD 200 m. The debtors’ obligations under loan agreements are mortgage-backed and secured by suretyship agreements signed by a Turkish company and a Turkish citizen and by an English-law governed guarantee from a Maltese holding company.

Russian bank

Banks & Financial Institutions
Represented a Russian bank in a dispute with a Cyprus company and a group of co-defendants. The dispute arose out of several SAPs for securities between the Russian bank (as the buyer) and the Cyprus company (as the seller), which were signed retrospectively by an unauthorised person. The seller entered a claim for the bank to pay the purchase price for the securities. The seller’s claims, totalling USD 200 m, were heard in several parallel international arbitrations. The bank was deprived of the opportunity to question the Cyprus directors and the selling company’s lawyers, as they had testified in writing. A joint team of BCLP and Cyprus lawyers managed to have the Cyprus court impose injunctions to search, together with IT experts, the premises, servers, computers and mobile devices of the defendants.

Venture capital fund

Banks & Financial Institutions
Acted for a venture capital fund in an LCIA arbitration against a claim brought by an IT start-up majority shareholder. Our client challenged occurrence of the deadlock and legitimacy of the Russian roulette being launched. It also filed a counterclaim seeking enforcement of the call option at the par value of the shares on the grounds that the company did not reach a certain level of sales.

Cyprus holding company

Acted for our client in a dispute between the former general director of a Russian subsidiary, this company and its Cyprus shareholder. The dispute arose out of an out-of-court settlement agreement governed by English law and executed as a deed only by the former general director and the Cypriot company. The Russian company did not sign the settlement agreement. Even so, the general director filed a claim against the Russian company and the Cypriot company to recover compensation from them under the settlement agreement. This dispute was heard by a sole arbitrator under the Rules of the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce. The arbitrator accepted BCLP’s arguments, recognised the agreement as invalid and dismissed all the former general director’s claims. The arbitrator also ordered the claimant to reimburse 70% of the Cyprus company’s arbitration costs.

BVI-registered corporate creditor

Represented a corporate creditor in a dispute over recovery of debt from a New-York company and its sole shareholder. The dispute arises from an English law governed loan agreement between the BVI company, as the lender, and the New-York company, as the borrower. Under the LCIA award, the claimant obtained recovery of the principal debt and increased interest from the defendant. Upon recognition of the award in the USA and following interrogation of the company shareholder as part of disclosure of evidence, the shareholder and the company chose to sign a settlement agreement with the lender. Then the debtor defaulted on the settlement agreement and the creditor is currently enforcing recovery of the debt from the debtors under the settlement agreement.

Russian developer

Real Estate Development / Construction & Property Development
Represented a Russian developer in an international commercial arbitration dispute with the general contractor over a famous office building in Moscow. The dispute arose from the bank guarantees. The damages were assessed at more than USD 100 m.