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"Coming up with hidden critical issues."
Nalco Company
Vaclav Harant, General Director for Russia and CIS
"The team of real professionals, each of them capable, when necessary, of providing robust legal support for achieving any business objective."
Siberian Coal Energy Company (SUEK)
Alexander Redkin, Legal Director
"We would like to note the impeccable quality of the services provided to us and the high standard of professionalism demonstrated by the team, together with a profound understanding of our business specifics and strategic mission."
Aleksey Nikiforov, Legal Support,
"… a profound understanding of how the Russian energy industry ticks and an impressive track record of energy and infrastructure projects, including with an international footprint."
Dmitry Panchenko, Legal Director
"An undeniable strength of the firm is its high level of competence and the ability to find the best solution to complex legal challenges."
United Metallurgical Company (OMK)
Vladimir Markin, President


Entertainment & Media
Representing the client in a complex, multi-stage dispute arising from failure by the grantor (a Russian constituent entity) to meet its obligations to reimburse the concessionaire (our client) for costs incurred in constructing the region’s biggest sports infrastructure facility under a concession agreement.

ITE Expo International

Entertainment & Media
We represented the client in a complex dispute over its rent rocketing almost 16-fold to RUB 2.5 bn on the basis of a literal interpretation of the contract. Our opponents insisted on raising the rent in view of revenue targets achieved (“turnover charge”).Our team drafted and implemented a court strategy on the basis of several parallel litigations. During the proceedings, we convinced the court that the contract provisions entitling the landlord to raise the rent had to be interpreted broadly rather than literally. As evidence, we submitted a linguistics expert’s opinion and documents reflecting the client’s financial performance.As a result, the parties signed an amicable settlement agreement on terms permitting them to retain their business relations.

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries

Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals
Representing the client in bankruptcy proceedings of its debtor, a big pharmaceutical company. The bankruptcy proceedings are complicated by supposedly insufficient assets disposed of to the debtor’s affiliates and the need to seek out the debtor’s assets. The bankruptcy is also complicated by a multiplicity of creditors (including several well-known bank pledgeholders).

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.

Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

The BCLP team defended a transnational pharma company in a dispute with a major Russian insurer over recovery of insurance compensation. The claims were based on a commercial loan insurance agreement obligating the insurer to reimburse the insured’s losses arising from its counterparties delaying payments under supply contracts.

The defendant refused to pay out the insurance compensation, arguing termination of coverage after delay by the counterparty beyond the maximum period permitted under the insurance agreement. Yet the insurer renewed the policy even though it was aware of the delay.  

BCLP lawyers presented a consistent position arguing the insurer’s bad faith and inconsistent conduct and that the agreement terms were to be interpreted in the insured’s favour.

This case might be of interest for interpreting insurance agreement terms relating to termination of coverage and for assessing insurers’ professional actions. The matter is of special significance for insurance of large-scale supplies of medicines.

Samsung C&T Corporation

Representing the Client’s interests in ongoing Supplier’s insolvency proceedings. The team has managed to establish the Client’s claims as the Supplier’s ongoing indebtedness, which gives the Client legitimate priority over other creditors. This project is of significance to the client in the context of building up a more active presence on Russian market. Successful recovery of funds in insolvency proceedings will assure the client and the core companies within its line of business in Asia that their investments are secure and will establish further economic links in the regions (an on-going project).

Samsung C&T Corporation

Real Estate Development / Construction & Property Development
Represents Samsung C&T Corporation against REMZ for recovery of USD 1,840,000 in debt and damages.

Great Wall Motors

Handled a complex project for Great Wall Motors to recover over USD 50 m from a group of unscrupulous Russian counterparties. Aspects such as liquidation and insolvency of legal entities, application of international regulations and ICC Rules were involved.


Acted for ARUP in a dispute with a client over returning an advance payment for completed works to design a cinema and concert hall in Moscow. Our team won the case at trial, on appeal and in cassation. We managed not only to have the claim for recovery of RUB 26.3 m from the client dismissed but also to have court rulings issued confirming that the client had actually performed the works to a total of RUB 33.8 m.


Represented Sportmaster in the appeal court in order to obtain a reversal of the decision of the first instance court, which recovered a multimillion sum from our client. The sum in dispute concerns a lease taken out by our client. The lessor’s title in the premises was challenged by the claimant after the lease was concluded. Under the decision of the first instance court, this company and our client should have jointly reimbursed the claimant for its lost income. Thanks to our efforts the appeal court reduced the sum of the recovery by five times. This decision was upheld by the cassation court and the Supreme Court.