Tsyden Zoriktuev

Senior Associate

Tsyden graduated with distinction from the Civil Proceedings Department of Moscow State University (MGU). He specialises in dispute resolution and his practical work profile includes real estate, contractual and pre-contractual disputes, as well as various corporate disputes between companies and their members.

Track record

Some of Tsyden's recent work includes:

  • Representing a big car-manufacturer in a number of disputes with its dealers in bankruptcy and their clients;
  • Recovering from a bad faith buyer a multi-million debt in favour of a major household equipment manufacturer and supplier operating on the Russian market;
  • Recovering a debt from a major Turkish fruit supplier to the Russian market for fuel supplied to bunkered ships;
  • Acting for and against insurance companies in a wide range of insurance damages disputes;
  • Representing a pharmaceutical company in a dispute with a business partner over recovery of debt under a contract;
  • Provided legal support for IKEA in a major land dispute to protect the client’s title against an unjustified, bad faith claim filed to gain possession of the company’s land by having its title recognised as non-existent;
  • Represented a global leader in oil and gas services in a court dispute over recovery of damages in favour of Lukoil under a contractor agreement for constructing an oil-well. The litigation ensured justification of an extremely complicated issue regarding absence of guilt and a causal link between the client’s actions and delay in contractor work (delay in its obligation);
  • Successfully represented a number of leasing companies in various disputes related to leasing operations. Represented clients in disputes over recovery of unjust enrichment in the form of the repurchase value, recovery of late lease payments and repossession of property. These cases involved successful application of positive experience and a profound knowledge of leasing laws and court practice.