Irina Malikova


Irina specialises in customs and administrative law, successfully acting in judicial, customs and other state bodies for participants in foreign trade, advising and handling projects connected with customs regulation, customs value, customs control and other matters relating to the customs and exchange legislation.

Irina has many years’ experience of working in the area of customs law supporting customs clearance of goods and pretrial and judicial appeals against actions (omissions) and decisions on the part of customs authorities relating to customs matters, including on imposing administrative liability.

Irina was selected as one of the best lawyers in Russia in the field of litigation by Best Lawyers 2018-2019 Editions.

Irina has acted for and represented such companies as Kimberly-Clark, Mars, Unilever, etc.

Some recent projects implemented by Irina include:

  • Representing a manufacturing company in the Supreme Commercial Court of the Russian Federation.
  • Recovering interest from the customs authorities for delayed return of customs overpayments to a major production company.
  • Acting for a number of major companies in various sectors in litigations disputing customs value adjustments.
  • Advising and acting for major international manufacturers of agricultural equipment within the scope of court cases regarding goods classification.
  • Successfully handled court proceedings in the interests of a number of major international companies in a variety of sectors appealing against decisions and actions on the part of state bodies: decisions by customs authorities on goods classification, recovery of customs payments and imposition of administrative liability.
  • Advising a global TV and film company and providing support for the company’s activities in relation to customs clearance and the procedure for determining the customs value of goods, including intellectual property items. Representing the company’s interests in court in appealing against actions on the part of the customs authorities.
  • Providing full legal support for projects involving supply to the Russian Federation of automotive parts for industrial assembly purposes, in relation to which the legislation of the Russian Federation envisages reduced customs duty.
  • Advising international companies on minimising risks when signing agreements with various customs operators: representatives (brokers), warehouses, transporters and freight forwarders.
  • Conducting cases on issues including royalty (licence payments) in the customs value of imported goods.
  • Advising a major manufacturer of packaging materials on improvements to streamline its CIS-based manufacturing business.
  • Assessing the risks for certain big companies of adjustments to customs value for the purpose of reducing costs of their imports into the Customs Union.
  • Conducting marketing research for a big pharmaceutical company to benchmark the average price for imports of a generic drug produced by the company.