Ivan Veselov

Partner, Dispute resolution

Ivan Veselov specialises in acting for clients in the following types of court case:

  • Property rights protection disputes;
  • Corporate disputes (siphoning of assets, “seizure” of control, etc.);
  • Disputes arising out of contractual obligations (lease, leasing, contractor work, sale and purchase, insurance) and invalidation of contracts;
  • Disputes over supporting developers’ interests (including disputes with state authorities);
  • Litigation support in bankruptcy proceedings.

Ivan was selected by peers for inclusion in The Best Lawyers in Russia in the fields of Litigation, Arbitration & Mediation, according to Best Lawyers in Russia 2021 Edition.

Ivan Veselov has over 15 years’ experience in representing Russian and foreign clients in state arbitration courts of all ten arbitration districts and in courts of general jurisdiction. He successfully applies both proven methods and his own innovative methods of highly effective legal representation. Given the constantly changing legislation and court approaches, as the head of a team of strong lawyers, Ivan is willing to develop and implement original and proactive strategies for precisely achieving the clients’ objectives.

Some of the successful projects accomplished by Ivan Veselov:

  • Developed a comprehensive legal defence for OBI Franchising in disputes with its landlord; owing to implementation of the defence strategy, the client not only retained the lease but also arrived at more balanced rentals.
  • Successfully acted for several X5 Retail Group companies in a dispute arising from a factoring agreement. We joined the case at the cassation appeal stage and managed to have enforcement of the court ruling suspended and then cancelled entirely; the new ruling issued on the case was satisfactory for the client.
  • Successfully represented a sporting goods company in a series of disputes with its landlord; we helped the client withdraw from its uneconomical lease without any associated sanctions.
  • Represented a foreign construction company in a series of disputes arising out of a Contractor Agreement, culminating in a mutually beneficial amicable settlement.
  • Acted for Baker Hughes in a legal dispute over recovery of damages in favour of Lukoil under a Contractor Agreement for construction of an oil-well. Within the scope of the proceedings, the rather complex issue of absence of fault and of causal link between the client’s actions and the delay in contract work (delay in fulfilling obligations) was successfully justified.
  • Effectively represented United Grain Company in a series of challenging disputes with an insurer that refused to reimburse losses related to a shortage of grain in the state intervention fund.
  • Represented a major Turkish developer in a dispute with the Moscow Government over reimbursement of losses caused to the developer by cancellation of an investment contract. The court resolved the dispute by recovering losses of over RUB 200 m in favour of the client.
  • Successfully acted for Schlumberger in a number of disputes over the right of use land plots belonging to another party.
  • Acted for lessors in a number of disputes relating to recovery of unjustified enrichment derived from early cancellation of leases.
  • Represented distributors of car manufacturers (VW, Hyundai, etc.) in disputes under dealership agreements.
  • Acted for the owner of a retail and office centre in the Moscow Region in a series of disputes related to unlawful actions on the part of the company General Director in selling the only valuable asset to affiliates. This dispute is notable in that effective use was made of article 10 (abuse of rights) as the basis for having the transactions recognised as null and void.
  • Implemented a series of judicial and non-judicial measures to protect the property rights of an airline management company, constituting part of a big holding, in a conflict between the members of the company.
  • Representation of a patent transferee company in a dispute with the invention patent holders in relation to royalty payments.
  • Represented a major monopoly in disputes with lessors in relation to cancellation of leases, indemnities and recovery of the leased item;
  • Acted for a corporate debtor during bankruptcy proceedings in disputes over invalidation of transactions initiated by creditors and the court-appointed receiver;
  • Represented a limited liability company in a dispute with former members over reinstatement (recognition) of rights to interests in the authorised capital;
  • Acted for a distributor of a well-known car manufacturer in disputes with dealers and customers.

Ivan is fluent in both Russian and English.