Angela Glamazdina

Senior Associate

Angela Glamazdina specialises in representing clients before various law-enforcement agencies and in criminal litigation. She has over 11 years’ experience of investigatory work, of investigating complex economic crime cases in the credit, finance and insurance fields, business and banking, unlawful bankruptcy, high-tech and hostile takeovers. Angela has a long track record of representing Russian clients before preliminary investigation, prosecuting, police bodies and proceedings in courts of  various instances. She has assisted clients during police checks of reports of a crime and has provided defence during initial inquiries and preliminary investigations in cases of economic crime. She also has experience of participating in tax audits where law enforcement bodies were involved. 

Angela is recommended by The Legal 500 (2020-2021) as one of the leading lawyers in white collar crime.

Angela was also selected by peers for inclusion in The Best Lawyers in Russia 2021-2022 Editions for Criminal Defense.


Some successful projects in which Angela has participated: 

  • Protection of rights and lawful interests of top managers of a major car dealer during a preliminary investigation into a criminal case concerning transactions involving transfer of foreign currency to non-residents’ accounts under forged documents.
  • Protection of rights and lawful interests of a major shoe manufacturer in a criminal case on theft of a large consignment of goods. As a result, the perpetrators were given custodial sentences.
  • Protecting the rights and lawful interests of a major investment company and its employees against unreasonable checks by law enforcement authorities. 
  • Protection of the rights and lawful interests of a major debt collection agency and its employees during a criminal case on theft of money of a credit institution by deception and abuse of trust.
  • Conducted an internal investigation into the circumstances of goods of a Russian subsidiary of a leading Japanese motor oil manufacturer being brought across the border of the Customs Union.
  • Acting for a precious metals exploration and production company and its employees in a criminal investigation into the death of a company employee. Thanks to the well-prepared defence, the criminal case was terminated on exculpatory grounds. 
  • Defending a top manager of an oilfield major in a criminal investigation relating to tax evasion in particularly large amounts.
  • Representing a major foreign equipment manufacturer during a preliminary investigation into an aircraft crash in the Russian Far East.
  • Acting for the Director of a Regional Capital Construction Department of the Russian Federation accused of abuse of office.
  • Legal assistance to a company participating in a project for constructing a medium haul aircraft in a check conducted by the Customs as part of search and detect activities investigating importation into the Russian Federation and declaration of dedicated equipment for compliance with the customs value declared by its customs representatives.
  • Defending employees of a major Russian developer and the CEOs of its subsidiaries against criminal charges of tax evasion. As a result the criminal case was terminated, and the seized items and documents were returned.
  • Defending employees of a leading Russian agricultural company in a preliminary investigation into an alleged tax crime. 
  • Representing a food product manufacturer in an investigation into alleged illegal banking operations.
  • Representing the owner of a dentistry equipment supplier in a criminal investigation into allegations of fraud committed to acquire unlawfully the right to another person’s property.
  • Represented a major pharmaceutical company in Southern Europe in a criminal investigation into falsification of data from the Russian Companies Register pertaining to the client’s Russian representative office by a group of persons with the intention of unlawfully acquiring more than a million euros from the company’s bank accounts.
  • Defending the rights and lawful interests of a Russian subsidiary of a leading global construction materials manufacturer in a preliminary investigation, to prevent criminal charges being brought against its employees.
  • Representing an official distributor of medical equipment in Russia during an audit of its financial operations triggered by a criminal case initiated against a business partner of the company.
  • Representing the Embassy of an Arab state in Russia in a criminal investigation initiated by request of the Embassy into theft, by fraud, of a large sum of money by Russian representatives of an airline.
  • Representing a senior executive of a national bank in a law enforcement check launched over alleged property damage reported by the Central Bank of Russia.
  • Defending a shareholder in a metallurgical company in a criminal investigation following unlawful withdrawal from the Russian Federation’s ownership of real estate kept on the company’s books.
  • Representing a beauty company during an audit of its financial operations seeking elements of a tax crime in the actions of the company’s officers and other staff.
  • Representing a major dairy product manufacturer in Belarus in a check conducted by law-enforcement authorities seeking signs of tax evasion upon vehicle leasing. 
  • Defending a cryptocurrency exchange developer against allegations of theft, by fraud, of the source code of big-ticket software. As a result, the criminal case was terminated on exculpatory grounds.
  • Defending the interests of a Russian state theatre in a preliminary investigation related to funding issues. 
  • Acted as Defence Advocate for personnel of a company supplying pipeline connectors for the fuel and power industry in relation to mandatory customs payments. The competent support provided by our advocates resulted in the accused being taken off the wanted list. In addition, the criminal case was terminated on exculpatory grounds.
  • Advised oil & gas and retail companies about criminal risks involved in doing business in Russia.
  • Represented an official power and drive unit dealer during a police check of a report of a crime. The skilled support provided triggered a decision not to initiate a criminal case.
  • Advised bankruptcy creditors on criminal aspects of a debtor’s actions. The law enforcement bodies initiated criminal cases on the basis of the ensuing applications.
  • Acted for Russian companies during checks by Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs economic security divisions. 
  • Gathered extensive experience of challenging actions (omissions), decisions and non-regulatory acts of government authorities, including during criminal proceedings.
  • Possesses expertise in investigatory work by various investigation agencies.

Angela was called to the Bar in 2016.