Anastasiya Speranskaya

Associate Director, Corporate/ M&A Practice

Anastasia advised on numerous market entry projects and provides all-round support for subsidiary and joint venture enterprises starting from deal negotiation, preparatory and early stages of investment. Anastasia has significant experience of advising and management of restructuring projects, intra-group finance, asset spin-off and acquisition. She supported clients in the course of corporate disputes, pre-trial situations, exit and dissolution.

Some recent projects that Anastasia has been involved includes:

  • Providing full legal assistance to SOVA Capital on negotiations and preparation of relevant documents in relation to its acquisition of investment bank VestaBank (a Russian bank offering banking services to small- and mid-level entrepreneurs).
  • Advising Siberian Generating Company, SUEK Group (Siberian Coal Energy Company, Russia’s biggest coal producer), on acquisition of a 78% stake in Sibeco, one of the biggest heat and electricity generation companies in Siberia.
  • Supporting establishment of a joint venture for direct marketing of high-quality consumer products in the beauty, skincare, entertainment and wellness categories.
  • Advising and supported Philips LLC on a number of spin-off and business division projects.
  • Advising the world leading pharmaceutical producer on asset acquisition of the top dietary supplement brand. Overall support of the transaction on off-shore and on-shore level.
  • Advising the leading producer of construction materials on the restructuring of business. Coordination of the project in multiple jurisdictions, including overseas holding structures.
  • All-round support to PVH in Russia (Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein). Advice on structuring of operations. Advised and all-round support of asset acquisition of retail stores in the top locations.
  • Advising and supported the leading diary producer in corporate dispute with minority shareholders. Advised on corporate governance, development of regulations and procedures.
  • Advising on reorganisation into a private company of an enterprise (public corporation) producing heat exchange equipment incorporated as a result of privatisation.
  • Advising on corporate restructuring of Russian operations of the leading producer of industrial glass in few regions.
  • Advising a leading pharmaceutical company on transfer of business and preparation for liquidation of a company engaged in distribution of medicines upon global acquisition.
  • All-round support for winding up of a western-owned investment company. Managed the liquidation procedure (Chairman of Liquidation Committee).
  • Corporate support of few reorganisations of the major international alcoholic beverages producer.
  • Supporting establishment of a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Motors Corporation in Russia. Advised on implementation in Russia of group policy for corporate governance, developed corporate governance provisions in the subsidiary’s documents.
  • Participating in advice to the AMT&C Group on its joint venture project for production of automatic gas valves and magnetic separators. Participated in negotiation of the term sheet, advised and supervised establishment of corporate structure.
  • Supporting establishment of a company for distribution of mobile phones and accessories upon acquisition of Philips’ global mobile phone business by Sang Fei (a subsidiary of China Electronic Corporation).
  • Establishment of a multijurisdictional corporate structure for participation in a government tender for constriction of a section of the Moscow - St. Petersburg Highway.
  • Advising in the course of corporate dispute and share take over in a cement plant under construction (Krasnodar) by commission of a major Austrian cement producer.