Alexander Kirilchenko

Counsel, Customs Dispute Resolution Group, Customs and International Trade, Certification of Goods, Brand Protection and Anti-Counterfeiting

Alexander has along track record of working with the Russian customs authorities and advises on customs and foreign exchange regulation, international trade, trade restrictions, brand protection and anti-counterfeiting.

Alexander’s knowledge of internal customs procedures helps him maintain a constructive dialogue with the tax authorities and other state officials and thus achieve success in his efforts.

Alexander has acted for such companies as DuPont, Lafarge, Mars, Merck, Unilever, Covidien, Sanofi-Aventis, Kimberly-Clark, William Grant and Sons, etc.

Alexander is admitted to the Moscow Bar.

Track Record

He has gained considerable experience working on project assignments and handling court cases; in particular, he has:

  • Organised import of goods through a Russian branch of a US home appliances manufacturer, provided legal support for customs and transport logistics and monitored restrictions on import and certification.
  • Provided comprehensive legal and tax advisory support to Rusklimat Group, the biggest Russian manufacturer and importer of climate control equipment, in relation to its programme for restructuring the Group’s business units and divisions. This programme is designed to optimise the distribution network structure and raise the Group’s attractiveness to investors.
  • Following negotiations with the customs authorities, succeeded in having the customs value confirmed for major importers.
  • Succeeded in defending importers in disputes with the customs authorities over classification of goods, adjustment of customs value and enforcement of customs payments.
  • Released a large batch of petroleum and gas products that had been attached by the customs authorities.
  • Suppressed production and distribution of counterfeit alcohol products on the territory of the Customs Union.
  • Advised on and developed models to improve customs procedures for transnational companies.
  • Arranged for minimisation of risks arising out of agreements with different customs operators (brokers, warehouses, carriers, forwarders).