Our greatest wealth is our staff and the firm’s success depends on their professionalism, which is why we support their endeavours to develop and build their careers.

Corporate university training sessions are held, most of them given by foreign trainers. Exchange of experience and knowledge is well organised within the firm. Several times a month, the partners hold training groups on specific topics.

Our personnel also attend outside training sessions and conferences. They have an opportunity to spend 3-5 month internships in one of the international offices. Some of our staff study at Harvard Business school.

Within our company, the staff rapidly acquire new skills and knowledge and have an opportunity not only to rise upwards but also broaden their knowledge in joint practices or departments.

We co-operate with leading Russian trainers and international stars in this field.

The training given by Ashish is totally different from the standard ones we are used to. He created an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust, exchange of knowledge and experience, while encouraging the search for new ideas and solutions. The situations we experienced and played out during the training sessions will help in real-life business negotiations
Ashish Nanda’s "Leadership skills"