Dmitriy KuptsovParalegal

To tell the truth, I didn’t think I really had a chance of getting a GBLP internship - I was virtually sure my knowledge and skills weren’t up to working for the firm.

To start with, it was, indeed, difficult - you don’t understand right away what and how to do things, comprehend the essence of the what you are asked to do, or what result the boss is looking for. This is probably due to the new information overload, the absolutely new and unfamiliar way of working, which in essence has little in common with what you did previously at university.

I can now state confidently that being a GBLP intern shows the work of a huge international law firm from within, how lawyers work and interact, what service standards are required by clients, and which projects are handled by the different practices. It is important that you don’t need to stay in the practice where you are actually an intern! There is always an opportunity to move around if you can show you have the necessary skills.

Interns naturally experience some difficulties but the lawyers are always ready to help, which is really valuable. You can always ask someone for help or advice. We have a really friendly team of both colleagues and interns. You can’t imagine how important this is. After all, for many of us this is our first experience of working in such a high level firm and support from professionals allows us to obtain the most vital knowledge, skills and experience.

We are all trying very hard now to give a good impression and have a chance of staying with the company. After finishing my internship, I hope to be offered a paralegal position and become a member of the professional GBLP team.