The Global Law Firm's Survival Guide to Russia


New article in The American Lawyer about the Russian legal landscape mentioning Goltsblat BLP among the leading law firms in Russia that have thrived in recent years:

“Goltsblat BLP has grown its head count by 60 percent since its formative merger in 2009, to 112 lawyers, and won work from 260 new clients last year. In 2016, Goltsblat BLP hired K&L Gates finance partner and Japan expert Sergey Milanov to lead a new Asia desk in Moscow. And it relocated Russian M&A partner Ian Ivory to BLP's Hong Kong office. Andrey Goltsblat says the firm earned more than $2 million in fees from Asian clients last year - nearly 7 percent of its total revenue - and has been hired for the first time by China Development Bank, state-owned investment company CITIC Group Corporation Ltd. and Japanese hotel chain Toyoko Inn.”

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