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Russia's Future

The people who run Russia, do not see a future in this country. Their children, their money, and their assets - none are kept here. They look at Russia as a place where to work on a rotational basis. Brains do not stay here either. Young people, if they can. get grants and go to study abroad, when) they later remain. This is not for political reasons (people, for example, simply avoid army service this way). Moral values keep being eroded, and the demographic situation worsens. A large dip in the population is not only due to emigration. Which future of this country are we talking about?
On the work of a lawyer

Lawyers have a lot in common with doctors. When I go to the doctor (or lawyer) it is important to me that he knows what must be done, that he will not do anything to harm me. or for an opportunity to make some extra money, won't undertake some adventure or train on me. The main thing is to be honest. If there is something that you don't know, then there is nothing wrong in admitting that. Someone in the project must keep a cool head and common sense. When negotiations or preparations for a transaction are underway, emotions can obscure the obvious. Desire to earn may obscure consciousness. This is similar to the game of thimbles, all are aware that they will be cheated, but are drawn into the game because of their emotional state. Someone on the team must keep a cool head.
On passionarity

I'm an introvert I do not seek publicity. I am happy with very little, and I'm not too capricious. There are people who have a need to show other people that they have expensive cars, a wonderful watch, etc. For me. these things don't matter. 1 don't have an inferiority complex. The main thing for me is peace of mind. For example. I in attracted by gardening, but I have no ambition to cultivate an "rose". I am interested in process, rather than outcome. I am not a passionarist. I do not need to do something to assert myself. I do not need a monument.

On books and stories

I m not sure many people will understand this, but I like to read memoirs of the Second World War, and especially those written by Germans. Unfortunately, the Soviet view of that Great War was too rosy. 90 percent of it being based on myths. When you read the German books, you feel some sort of sincerity. They don't hesitate to write about how awful it was, how they trembled in fear seeing the masses of Soviet soldiers. Recently I discovered a new page of history. In September 1939, when Soviet troops occupied western Belarus, in storming Grodno they encountered fierce resistance of the Poles (prior to that everything went more or less smoothly) - the Poles used the "Molotov cocktail" very effectively. Then the liberators took children from the orphanage and tied them to the turrets of their tanks. Our historians, of course, do not write about this. This is a big problem in our country, that people do not know history. We as a nation are constantly stepping on the same rake, because we are not used to discussing our mistakes of the past.

Оn relations with employees

To my staff, I am unbearably demanding. It is very difficult to get onto my team, and even harder to successfully complete the probationary period. Over the last year I extended an opportunity to five candidates to work with me. but unfortunately, not one passed the probationary period. Within one to two months it becomes deaf whether the reality matches the claims made during the interview - or not But when someone passes the probationary period, then believe me then they will be here a long time. Being demanding and being insensitive are not the same thing. I know the names of the spouses and children of my staff, although I may never see them. I even know the ages of their children, give or take a month. But we must be very careful in maintaining the line that separates work from personal life. Without an invitation, one cannot enter the private lives of one's employees.

On work and personal time

Work slowly draws a person to itself like a water funnel. First there are the wide aides, then they become narrower. One must find the strength, in time to get out of this vortex, before it is too late. When you feel yourself being putted in. you should be able to stop. So now I'm forcing myself not to sit there until it draws me down. Before I would not leave until I finished all cases, and would often work (ate into the night. Now. if there is nothing really critical, and most things are not that critical and can be done later, then I force myself to leave the office earlier. I started limiting the time I spent at work a couple of years ago. Due to the recession. I found myself with extra private time which I began to appreciate. I was able to look around and see how many interesting things were happing around me. Work will always be there, but children grow up, we must find time for ourselves and our loved ones.

On an ideal location

I am far from thinking that somewhere there is an ideal country. Every place has its pluses and minuses, the only question is how you perceive the reality, and if you can adapt to the reality. For me. the perfect place to live in retirement would be southern Bavaria. Difficult to explain why. it's some kind of chemistry, but when I'm there. I have a feeling that I had once lived there already. I feel at home there. I'm not talking about Munich. I like the small towns, family hotels in the mountains, and the local breweries.

On extreme sports

Extreme sports are now very popular in the business community, as well as travels to exotic places. Apparently, the daily routine creates a need to escape in many people. I'm not interested in that. On the one hand. I have a different character, and on the other - I do not belong to myself completely. cannot risk my own life. For example downhill skiing is a perfectly nice and normal hobby, but from time to time people do suffer from broken bones. If I drop out of action for a few weeks, then my clients and family start to suffer, because I have certain obligations to them.

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