Vladimir Tchikine on Russian Minpromtorg's Order to address confirmation of domestic manufacture and classification of products as having no domestic analogues


Goltsblat BLP advises that Order No. 3568 of 12 November 2015 (“Order”)1 of the Russian Ministry for Industry and Trade (“Minpromtorg”) was published with effect from 5 December 2015. The Order sets up the procedure for confirming domestic manufacture of industrial products and classifying industrial products as having no Russia-made analogues.

The Order builds on Russian Government Resolution No. 719 of 17 July 2015 (“Resolution No. 719”) to establish the classification procedure for two basic product categories shaping Russia's industrial policy, namely, domestically-made industrial products and those that have no Russia-made analogues. With domestic products enjoying priority in procurements by state and municipal bodies and certain legal entities under the industrial policy legislation, the Order is also an important policy tool for import substitution.

The Order sets forth individual classification procedures for each of the above product categories. These procedures are described in the appendix hereto.

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1 The Order is officially entitled “On approving the Procedure for confirming manufacture of industrial products in the Russian Federation and the Procedure for identifying differences between industrial product parameters relating to their intended function or list of functions, scope of use and quality characteristics (warranty period, shelf life or service life, reliability, energy use, environmental friendliness and physical, chemical, mechanical and organoleptic properties not related solely to appearance of industrial products and considerably affecting their intended function, scope of use or quality characteristics) and those of industrial products made in the Russian Federation”.

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