Goltsblat BLP lawyers recount the amendments to the law on protection of competition at an Anti-Trust Forum


Moscow / London

Nikolay Voznesensky, Partner, and Vitaly Dianov, Senior Associate, of the Goltsblat BLP Anti-monopoly Practice, spoke at the annual Anti-trust Forum organised by NP Corporate Counsel Association (OKYuR) with the support of the Federal Anti-monopoly Service (FAS of Russia). The Forum, called “The New Anti-monopoly Package”, was devoted to protecting companies against breaching the anti-trust legislation.

The Goltsblat BLP lawyers presented a detailed analysis of the amendments to the Law “On Protection of Competition” and their consequences for business in the short and long term.

The experts also touched on questions of businesses and state authorities violating the Law on Competition and spoke about the specifics of how the state bodies investigate anti-competition agreements.

Nikolay Voznesensky, Partner, head of the Goltsblat BLP Anti-monopoly Practice, noted: “Acquisition by the FAS of Russia of more preliminary control functions is a clear trend in the “new” anti-monopoly package. Another trend to be noted is that of self-regulation in the sphere of the anti-trust legislation: various codes of conduct and trading practices and clarifications of the law addressed to a broad range of persons and intra-corporate programmes for observing the legislation. This might provide business with new opportunities. At the same time, we cannot ignore the concerns expressed by market players that believe the result of preliminary approval of company documents by the FAS of Russia entails the risk of losing equidistance from all commercial entities. Nor must the precision of rules of law be sacrificed in the optimistic hope of their subsequent clarification. The last issue is particularly acute owing to the amendments applying the anti-trust rules to intellectual property not having been thought out properly.”

The speeches by Nikolay Voznesensky and Vitaly Dianov were highly appraised by the Forum organisers. Representatives of the Corporate Counsel Association noted, in particular, the contribution made by the Goltsblat BLP experts to structuring the Forum programme, organising a productive and interesting discussion and identifying issues of special significance for business.

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