Goltsblat BLP holds a meeting of the International Medical Devices Manufacturers’ Association with Tatyana Teletskaya, Chief State Customs Inspector of the Federal Customs Service


On 17 July 2012, a regular meeting of the International medical devices Manufacturers’ Association was held at the Goltsblat BLP offices devoted to liaisons with state bodies and legal questions of the Association (IMEDA).

The participants included leading medical device manufacturers, among them Philips, 3M, Johnson & Johnson, Zimmer, Biotronic and others, and Nina Belozertseva, head of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare at Goltsblat BLP.

Guest at the meeting was Tatyana Teletskaya, Chief State Customs Inspector of the Chief Division for federal customs revenues and tariff regulation of the Federal Customs Service. During the discussion, the participants discussed such matters as:

  • The impact of new law 323-FZ (“On the Fundamentals of Public Healthcare”) and the new definitions and requirements introduced thereby on customs regulation in the sphere of medical devices. The fate of the current subjudicial acts (Resolution No. 19, etc.), the time schedule for and essence of the amendments to other documents affecting customs tariffs, VAT rates, and so on. 
  • Creation of a modern, harmonised regulatory framework for medical device circulation (classifier and link to TN VED codes, harmonizing of terms and definitions). 
  • Current disagreements and indeterminacy of requirements relating to multi-component medical devices and, as a consequence, indeterminacy regarding application of the tariff base. 
  • Harmonisation of the requirements and tariffs at the level of the Customs Union. Mutual recognitions of permission document. 
  • The need for and possibility of participation by the Federal Customs Service in developing the Federal Law “On Medical Device Circulation” (the working group that ahs been set up does not, unfortunately, include representatives of this department). 
  • The impact of Russia joining the WTO on medical device import and export procedures.

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