Lawyers from the Intellectual Property Practice of Goltsblat BLP have given a course of lectures for undergraduates and postgraduates at MGIMO.


Ekaterina Tilling, Partner and Head of Intellectual Property Practice, and Igor Motsnyi, Head of Group and Trademark Attorney, have given a course of lectures for undergraduates and postgraduates at MGIMO (Moscow State International Affairs Institute) entitled “Practical application of the intellectual property legislation in the Russian Federation”.

The course consisted of 8 lectures, during which students were told about the general characteristics of rights to intellectual products and means of individualisation, the practical significance of the Russian legislation on intellectual property, copyright and neighbouring rights, inventions, utility models, industrial designs and know-how, trade mark protection in the Russian Federation and international registration of trade marks,  trade names and commercial designations, transactions with intellectual property and litigation in this sphere.

Ekaterina Tilling comments: “It was very interesting for Igor and myself to give the course to MGIMO students and it is pleasing that the next generation of lawyers shows an interest in this increasingly important topic. During the lectures, we heard many interesting, serious questions and points of view, showing that the students have already grasped the details. Even though we set a high pass mark, the students took the subject seriously and all of them did very well. We would be pleased to repeat the lecture course next year.”

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