Andrey Goltsblat on productive cooperation tactics for investors dealing with the Russian bureaucratic system.


On 10 March, the American Chamber of Commerce in Russia (AmCham) held  its 11th Annual Investment Conference “RUSSIA: Sustaining Growth Through Modernization of the Economy”.

Andrey Goltsblat, Managing Partner, Goltsblat BLP, delivered a speech on Effective Strategy and Tactics for Investor Relations with the Russian Bureaucratic System.

The 11th AmCham Annual Investment Conference brought together business executives, politicians, experts and analysts, journalists and academics to discuss, debate and deliberate today’s most pressing economic challenges in Russia.

The Conference became an important venue for thought leaders in a wide range of industries to present their views before an informed, influential audience and the news media.

Among the participants were senior Russian and U.S. government officials, senior executives of top-tier companies in the financial services, telecom and other sectors key to modernization.

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