Anton Sitnikov, Partner, Goltsblat BLP, spoke on a Business FM radio programme on the draft law “On the Skolkovo Innovation Centre”.


The State Duma is getting ready to consider the draft law “On the Skolkovo Innovation Centre” proposed by Dmitry Medvedev at the end of May. The Committee for Economic Policy and Business keeps receiving proposals regarding the draft law. Anton Sitnikov, Partner, Goltsblat BLP told Business FM what it may eventually give to business:

“This is a kind of revolutionary draft law. <…> To date, no analogues have been developed. There are, of course, free economic zones and other areas where focused innovation activities are performed but, in fact, none of them offer the scope and focus that are planned to be attained. <…> I believe, this is the main appealing aspect but I should probably note that further development of by-laws and management company regulations may either stagnate considerably or, and this is what I personally expect, preserve and further develop interest towards the project”.

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