Goltsblat BLP and Corporate Lawyer Journal have collaborated to produce a “Private Equity” supplement to the magazine’s March issue.


In March 2010, with support from Goltsblat BLP, a “Private Equity” supplement has come out to the magazine “Corporate Counsel”.

The past year has been a difficult one for investors throughout the world and in Russia in particular. Though several transactions were, even so, concluded with participation by private equity funds, most investors were concerned about retaining and maintaining existing investments. Yet the majority of experts still consider Russia to be very attractive from the investment point of view, largely owing to the country’s scale, big economically active population and obvious shortage of investment resources.  

The purpose of the supplement is to give the reader an idea of Russian companies’ projects for raising private financing as an alternative source of financing. A description is provided of private equity funds and of how transactions for raising investments are made from the legal point of view, who their main participants are and which documents are needed for this purpose.

Even though the vast majority of private equity transactions in Russia are regulated by English or US law, the participants in any such project inevitably face the need to abide by certain imperative provisions of the Russian legislation. In the articles, we have tried to focus on certain Russian legislative provisions that have to be taken into consideration in drawing up such transactions. 

In addition, the reader is furnished with first-hand information about private equity projects. Charlotte Philipps, President and Managing Director of Pinebridge Investments Russia and Denis Cherednichenko, Vice-President for Corporate Development Investment of ZAO GEOTEK Holding, a company that has successfully raised investments from several private equity funds, share their own experiences.

Investments in certain specific assets, such as infrastructure projects, real estate and debentures, are also described.

We hope this supplement will give the reader an idea about private equity as a source of additional funding and will prove helpful to companies considering the possibility of raising this type of financing.

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