Ian Ivory delivered a lecture to MGIMO students under the MGIMO's Legal Laboratory Project.


On 18 February 2010 the "Legal Laboratory" Project (MGIMO) presented to the MGIMO students  a lecture delivered by Ian Ivory, Partner of Goltsblat BLP, Solicitor of Supreme Court of Judicature England and Wales.

In its co-operation, MGIMO and Goltsblat BLP set the goal to improve the practical skills of senior-year students and master's degree candidates through insights into the activities of international law firms and a lawyer's professional competencies.

In the global market economic environment, the training of top-notch lawyers would hardly be possible without an in-depth study of the service provided by major law firms to multinational commercial projects, on an ongoing basis. That is why Ian Ivory's lecture caused so much interest on the part of the master's degree candidates and senior-year students of a whole number of MGIMO departments.

Ian Ivory presented an extensive review of the legal framework of the joint venture, which, in his opinion, is a basic form of contemporary business establishment and development. He analysed the most involved operating issues facing joint ventures of various organisational and legal forms, which operate in the Russian, UK and US economic environments. The lecturer put a special emphasis on a number of apparent corporate governance failures in the Western States, which occurred during the latest economic crisis. He also reconstructed the JV participants precontractual relationship. In addition, the UK lawyer spoke about the existing conflicts of tax, procedural and contract law provisions and stipulations.

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