Public hearings for Moscow’s draft Land Use and Development Rules


Goltsblat BLP advises that public hearings are beginning for the draft Land Use and Development Rules (the “Rules”) for so-called Old Moscow1.

A notice on this has been posted on the website of Moscow’s Architecture and Town-Planning Committee at

Pertinent materials can be reviewed in each administrative district (for exposition venues, see the above link) and online at

Hearings schedule:

  • Exposition: 6–19 December 2016.
  • Public hearings: 22 December 2016.
  • Acceptance of written suggestions and comments from participants by the relevant district board: 23–29 December 2016.
  • Public hearings results summary published by the city board: by 20 January 2017.

The Rules could be approved by the deadline set by federal law (1 July 2017).

Please look carefully at the draft Rules to make sure they do not infringe on rights and legitimate interests of real estate rightholders.

Particular focus:

  • are the town-planning regulations in line with the actual use of the real estate?
  • does each land plot fall within only one territorial zone?
  • do the town-planning regulations correspond to the approved town-planning documents (area or land plot development plans, draft surveys of land plot boundaries)?

Potentially, should the approved revision of the Rules overlook rightholders' rights or legitimate interests, there could be adverse implications. For example, further reconstruction or new construction might be restricted, including a worst-case scenario of compulsory purchase of a land plot.

You might also want to bear in mind that only a very short time is allowed for the hearings and for the participants to submit their input to the relevant district board.


1 The Central, Northern, North-Eastern, Eastern, South-Eastern, Southern, South-Western, Western, North-Western, and Zelenograd Administrative Districts

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