Real Estate Transactions: increase in state duties


Legal Update No. 113

Goltsblat BLP law firm advises that, under Federal Law No. 374-FZ dated 27 December 2009, the state duty for performance of legally significant actions has been increased substantially. Thus the duty for companies is established at:

  • 15 000 roubles for state registration of rights to and restrictions (encumbrances) on rights to real estate and certain contracts involving alienation of real estate; 
  • 600 roubles for amending records in the Realty Register; 
  • 4 000 roubles for state registration of mortgage contracts.

The Law came into effect on 29 January 2010.

For additional information, please contact:

Vitaly Mozharowski,
Partner, Real Estate and Construction,
Goltsblat BLP,

Elena Barinova,   
Partner, Real Estate Investment and Finance,
Goltsblat BLP, 

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