July 2015 Amendments to the Real Estate and Construction Legislation


Legal update No 532

Goltsblat BLP advises that a considerable number of laws amending the Russian real estate and construction legislation have been adopted. They concern, in particular, cadastral registration, submission of documents for state registration of rights, rules for handling complaints by the antitrust authorities about violations of construction procedures included on exhaustive lists, recognition of title to unauthorised structures, etc.

Please follow the link below for a detailed review of major amendments:

  • Recognition of title to an unauthorised structure becomes more complicated
  • The Realty Register + the Real Estate Cadastre = the Unified State Register of Real Estate
  • PPP
  • Buffer zones to be specified in the Cadastre
  • Water body boundaries to be specified in the Cadastre
  • Registration of ownerless and other properties
  • Airfield operators' consent to capital construction
  • Allocation of public agricultural land without a tender
  • Antitrust authority powers in relation to urban planning and development

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