Technical Regulations on Machinery and Equipment Safety


Legal Update No. 102

Goltsblat BLP advises that, by Resolution No. 753 dated 15 September 2009, the Government of the Russian Federation has approved the Technical Regulations on Machinery and Equipment Safety (hereinafter - the “Regulations”).

The Regulations set out mandatory safety requirements for machinery and equipment during their design, manufacture, installation, operation, storage, transportation, sale and disposal .

These requirements apply, in particular, to conveyors, cooling units with an output capacity of over 2.5 thousand standard kilocalories per hour, drilling rigs for production and deep exploration wells, operating equipment for oil and gas wells and automated loaders. Yet they do not cover certain types of plant and equipment such as vehicles and drilling platforms.

Machinery and equipment operated on hazardous industrial sites and relevant operating procedures are covered by the Regulations to the extent that they do not run counter to the industrial safety rules.

It is imperative for a machine and (or) piece of equipment under design to be supported by a relevant safety feasibility study, the original of which should be kept by the designer and copies stored by manufacturers and operators of the plant and (or) equipment.

The manufacturer should ensure that the machine or (and) the equipment is accompanied by operating guidelines (instructions), the requirements for their development and contents being set out in the Regulations.

Machinery and (or) equipment released on to the Russian market for the first time is subject to mandatory confirmation of compliance with the requirements of the Regulations either by means of a compliance declaration or an obligatory certification procedure. Machinery and (or) equipment either exported or already operated is not subject to mandatory confirmation of compliance.

Compliance declarations or certificates for machinery and (or) equipment produced and commissioned before the Regulations come into effect shall remain valid until expiry of their respective terms.

The Resolution stipulates that, once the Regulations come into effect, compliance certificates or declarations will be the only documents confirming compliance of machinery and (or) equipment with the mandatory requirements.

The Regulations come into effect on 25 September 2010.

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