Restriction on admitting certain types of foreign medical device to public procurement


Legal update No 504

Goltsblat BLP advises that the Russian Government has approved restrictions on a list of certain types of medical device originating from foreign countries being procured by state and municipal customers (hereinafter the "List").

Russian Government Resolution No. 102 "On Restricting Admission of Certain Types of Medical Device Originating from Foreign Countries for Procurement for State and Municipal Needs" (hereinafter the "Resolution") was prepared by the Russian Ministry for Industry and Trade in accordance with the Priority Plan for ensuring sustainable economic development and social stability in 2015.

When purchasing medical devices from the List, a customer should reject applications to supply medical devices originating from foreign countries if at least two applications satisfying the documentation requirements and meeting the below criteria simultaneously have been submitted for participation in the procurement:

  • the applications offer to supply one or several types of listed medical device originating from the Russian Federation, the Republic of Armenia, the Republic of Belarus or the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • the applications do not offer to supply the same type of medical device from the same manufacturer.

The List, in particular, includes the following types of medical device:

  • 1-64 slice CT scanners;
  • single-photon emission computed tomography systems (gamma cameras);
  • personal glucose meters;  
  • disposable and non-disposable medical syringes with and without injection needles;
  • blood transfusion equipment, blood substitute and IV solutions, including with a micro filter;
  • certain types of reagent for laboratory research;  
  • polymer bioassay containers;
  • electrocardiographs.

The Resolution stipulates that, when using the List, customers should be guided by both the medical device code in accordance with the OKPD and the name of the medical device of the said code.

This Resolution has been in effect since 05 February 2015.

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