Moscow: change of real estate cadastral value


Legal update No 490

Goltsblat BLP advises that new state cadastral evaluation of real estate in Moscow has applied since 1 January 2015:

Land plots

(Moscow Government Resolution No. 687-ПП dated 21 November 2014 “On Approving the State Cadastral Evaluation of Land in Moscow”)

On average, the cadastral value of land plots throughout Moscow has been increased by 4-5%. In addition, the re-evaluation differs significantly depending on the type of permitted use of land plots. The cadastral value of land plots designated for business offices and retail has gone up by an average of 5%, whereas that of land plots intended for residential buildings has been raised by 5-8%, depending on the number of storeys.

  • On the territory of “Old Moscow”, the increase in the cadastral value of land plots has averaged 3.6%. At the same time, the figures vary by administrative district. For instance, the cadastral value of land plots intended for office buildings in the Central Administrative District has gone up by 4%, while the North-Eastern District has seen no change.
  • The increase in the cadastral value of land plots on the territory of “New Moscow” (the Troitskiy and Novomoskovskiy Administrative Districts) will average 5-6%. Yet, like last year, the cadastral value of "Old Moscow" and "New Moscow" land plots differs rather substantially, sometimes 6 to 8-fold.

Capital construction projects

(Moscow Government Resolution No. 688-ПП dated 21 November 2014 “On Approving the State Cadastral Evaluation of Capital Construction Projects in Moscow”)

The cadastral value of capital construction projects is substantially different from previously. According to the latest evaluation, the cadastral value of entire non-residential and residential buildings has risen by 8-15%, whereas it has fallen by more than 50% for non-residential and residential premises. This is apparently in order to eliminate a previous imbalance between the value of whole buildings and the premises comprising them and having their own cadastral numbers.

Despite the average indicators, the figures differ greatly by district: for example, in the Central Administrative District, the figures for non-residential buildings have almost doubled, while the cadastral value of residential buildings, irrespective of the general upward trend, have, on the contrary, fallen by a quarter.

Please note that the cadastral value of real estate is used for calculating the following:

  • the personal and corporate property tax base;
  • rental of state- or municipally-owned land;
  • state- or municipally-owned land plot sales prices for owners of buildings and structures located thereon;
  • land tax (for owners of land plots).

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