On the specifics of sending employees on business trips


Legal update No 489

Goltsblat BLP advises that, on 29 December 2014, the Russian Government adopted Resolution No. 1595 “On amendments to certain acts of the Government of the Russian Federation”.

The given Resolution amends, among other things, the Regulations on the specifics of sending employees on business trips, approved by RF Government resolution No. 749 of 13 October 2008 “On the specifics of sending employees on business trips”. From 08 January 2015, these apply to all employers of all types (both state and non-state employers).

The most essential and significant amendment is that, going forwards, when sending an employee on a business trip, employers are no longer required to confirm any official assignment or execute a business trip certificate, or the employee to submit a report on the work carried out during the business trip.

The actual duration of the employee’s stay at the business trip destination is determined from the travel documents submitted by the employee on his/her return. Should the employee travel to his/her destination by personal vehicle, the actual duration of the business trip is specified in an official note submitted thereby to the employer, on his/her return, together with documents confirming use of a personal vehicle (trip ticket, invoices, receipts, cash receipts, etc.).

In order to determine the per diem amount in foreign currency when an employee travels on business to a CIS country entry into and departure from which is not registered by the border authorities, the dates on which the border of the Russian Federation is crossed are determined according to the travel documents (tickets).

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