Moscow: transport and social infrastructure


Legal Update No. 484

Goltsblat BLP advises that on 18 November 2014, the Moscow government passed Resolution No. 671-PP “On Transport and Social Infrastructure Developments in Moscow Capital Construction (Reconstruction) Projects”.

This Resolution regulates current aspects of providing the transport and social infrastructure for real estate facilities, as required by the town-planning and design documents, if no such infrastructure has been budgeted by the City of Moscow for the relevant period. In this case, the developer is to construct the infrastructure at its own expense.

If such infrastructure facilities cannot be accommodated on the developer’s land plot, additional land plot may be provided to the developer through the preliminary facility location approval procedure, which should be considered by the Moscow Town-Planning and Land Commission. This implies that leases will incorporate a fixed term for constructing infrastructure facilities and the developer's obligations to hand over the infrastructure facilities to the city of Moscow without receiving any budgetary payments.

Within one month of being commissioned, infrastructure facilities will be transferred to Moscow public ownership under an acceptance certificate executed by the Moscow City Property Department and the developer. The costs and losses incurred by the developer are not to be reimbursed out of the Moscow city budget.

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