Priority registration of domain names in the new .РФ domain zone begins


Legal update No. 95

Goltsblat BLP informs that, on 25 November 2009, priority registration  of domain names in the new domain zone – .РФ began. Such registration will allow holders of Cyrillic trade marks  registered in Russia to register Cyrillic domain names identical with the word designations of their trade marks before this opportunity is made publicly available.

On 30 September 2009, the Co-ordinating Centre of the national Internet domain approved the Regulations on priority registration of domain names in the domain -.РФ, granting priority registration rights to holders of trade marks registered in Russia according to the national or the international procedure and protected here. The list of goods and services in relation to which the trade mark enjoys legal protection is of no significance. For registration of the domain name, the word designation of the trade mark should include at least one protected word element and the trade mark must be a valid trade mark on the day the application is submitted to the registrar. The registered domain name must fully reproduce the word designation of the trade mark or be identical once spaces have been deleted or replaced by dashes. Domain names corresponding to trade marks consisting solely of unprotected elements are not subject to priority registration.

A specific procedure is envisaged for applications from rights holders to trade marks registered since 25 March 2009. Each such application will be considered by an expert commission of the Co-ordinating Centre to ensure that it complies with the objectives and sense of priority registration. Owners of trade marks registered before this date may reserve domain names without special consideration, provided they are not already taken and the formal application requirements are observed.

For priority registration of a Cyrillic domain name, it is sufficient to submit an application to one of the accredited registrars, in the format established by the latter, attaching documents on registration of the applicant as a legal entity or entrepreneur, as well as confirmation of exclusive rights to the trade mark (a copy of the trade mark registration certificate).

Applications for priority registration of Cyrillic domain names will be accepted until 25 March 2010, after which registration of Cyrillic domain names will be publicly available.

Owners of trade marks with protected word elements in the Russian Cyrillic alphabet are recommended to take steps to reserve the corresponding Cyrillic domain names in order to preclude subsequent infringement of their rights.

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