Mandatory statistical form for goods in the Customs Union.


Legal Update No. 226.

Goltsblat BLP advises that, according to the Federal Customs Service, Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 40 “On setting up statistical recording of mutual trade between the Russian Federation and other Customs Union member states belonging to the EurAsEC” of 29 January 2011 comes into effect on
8 March 2011.

Goods shipped between the Customs Union states after this date should be accompanied by a new document - the statistical form for goods carried.

The statistical form is filled in by the consignor, the consignee or another person enjoying rights to the goods and is then handed over to the forwarder. It is to be completed before the goods are moved across the territory of the Russian Federation but a maximum of 15 days before the shipment date.

The statistical form can also be filled in on-line on the Federal Customs Service’s website, each completed form being automatically assigned a unique registration number.

Information to be indicated in the statistical form includes data on the consignor and consignee of the goods, their description, price, weight, their code under the Commodity Classification for Foreign Trade of the Customs Union, etc.

If any errors or inaccuracies are identified, an adjusted statistical form may be filed within 10 business days of their discovery.

No statistical form is required for:

  • goods shipped for private use by individuals in the Customs Union member states;
  • transit goods;
  • goods shipped for repairs;
  • goods carried by rail (a separate statistical reporting procedure is to be developed for this class of shipment);
  • some other categories of goods.

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