Broader access to general jurisdiction court acts.


Legal Update No. 223.

Goltsblat BLP advises that, on 27 January 2011, the Presidium of the Judicial Council of the Russian Federation approved new Regulations on posting information about cases being heard by a court and the texts of judicial acts on the official website of a general jurisdiction court.

The Regulations propose setting up a unified database of general jurisdiction court judicial acts, as it has been for state arbitration courts, but establishes a more precise mechanism than is provided for by the current Interim Regulations for selecting, drawing up and posting on court official websites information about cases being heard by federal general jurisdiction courts and justices of the peace and the texts of judicial acts.

Case information, including the number of the case, the name and subject of the dispute, details of how the case is proceeding and of judicial acts issued, is posted at least once a week, while the texts of judicial acts and information about any appeals -- within a month of the act coming into legal force.

According to the Regulations, only the initially depersonalised final acts on most categories of case on which consideration on the merits has been completed are subject to mandatory posting.

Interim judicial acts and extracts from acts rather than their full texts may be posted at the discretion of the court.

The new Regulations are, in fact, already being applied: the majority of general jurisdiction court websites have been brought into line with the new information posting rules.

In particular, on the website of the Moscow City Court

the “Electronic  Secretariat” section includes information about how cases being heard by the Moscow City Court are proceeding and relevant judicial acts;

the “Regional Court of Moscow” section includes a list of Moscow regional courts, with links to their official websites, which are unified and contain sections entitled “Judicial  Proceedings” (case files) and “Judicial Acts” (a court ruling search system), for instance;

 the Section “Moscow Justices of the Peace” lists the justice of the peace sectors by administrative district and provides links to the subsections “Information on the course of case hearings” and “Texts of judicial acts”, where relevant information can be found, for instance

The problem of informing participants in court proceedings in the regions is also resolved. See, for example, for the Novosibirsk Region:

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