More restrictions on placing outdoor advertising on roads


Legal Update No. 79.

Goltsblat BLP advises that Amendment No. 2 to GOST R 52044-2003 “Outdoor advertising on roads and in urban and rural communities. General technical requirements on means of advertising. Placement rules“ came into effect on 1 September 2009.

The most significant change is introduction of additional restrictions on placing outdoor advertising on roads in order to avoid restricting visibility of road signs and other technical means for organising traffic.

The previous rules of the state standards prohibited placing outdoor advertising on hazardous stretches of road, at railway crossings, in tunnels, on fly-overs, bridges, etc. It is now also prohibited to set up structures on dividing strips, within the bounds of transport junctions and above-ground pedestrian crossings.

In addition, the new amendments to the GOST R completely ban advertising banners across roads and on verges. Previously, banners were not banned in residential areas (residential districts, roads, highways, etc.).

The requirements on the lighting characteristics of outdoor advertising have also been specified. When outdoor advertising is illuminated either from outside or from within, its photometric characteristics (illumination, brightness) not only should not exceed those of road signs, but should be 25 % less.

At the same time, whereas outdoor advertising was previously completely banned on railway crossings, the new rules prohibit it only on railway crossings within the bounds of traffic junctions at different levels.

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