Government Bodies to Provide E-Services.


Legal Update No. 171.

Goltsblat BLP advises that Federal Law 210-FZ dated 27 July 2010 "On Provision of State and Municipal Services"  (hereinafter, the "Federal Law") came into effect on 30 July 2010.

The Federal Law is closely connected with implementation of the Federal Targeted Programme "E-Russia (2002-2010)" and is aimed at organising integrated provision of state and municipal services in electronic format through a single portal for state and municipal services, multifunctional centres and an all-purpose e-card (for individuals) and other means.

Multifunctional centres (MFCs) are to be set up to render services on the basis of a one-stop-shop principle. An applicant merely needs to send a request to an MFC for such services. There will be no need to collect documents or do anything else involving application to government bodies.

The MFC will, on its own and without the applicant being involved, request all the necessary documents and information from government bodies, ensure collaboration and agreement with them, monitor fulfilment of requests and issue documents to applicants on the basis of the results of the services provided. Bodies rendering state and municipal services and MFCs will not be entitled to request that the applicant apply for any further services.

From 01 July 2011, government institutions will be prohibited from requesting applicanta to provide documents and information that fall within the terms of reference of other bodies rendering state, municipal and other services or to perform additional actions, including authorisations necessary for provision of such services, unless this is provided for by the relative regulations. 

As a general rule, state and municipal services will be provided free of charge, save for those currently subject to stamp duty or compensation at the expense of the applicant pursuant to the regulations. Payments are to be made remotely, in electronic format, through the single portal.

A single State and Municipal Services Portal has been launched at At the moment, it serves only as an official source of information on provision of state services and contains document templates.

Please note that, pursuant to its order No. 1555-r dated 17 October 2009, the Russian Government approved the Plan for federal executive bodies to transfer to performance of state services and performance of state functions in electronic format, the plan being to provide for filing of applications and documents, monitor and obtain results of services for a number of high-priority and popular state services of public importance, including, inter alia, the following:

  • state registration of legal entities;
  • filing of tax returns;
  • registration of employers with the RF Pension Fund;
  • state registration of real estate rights and transactions;
  • registration and formal inspection of motor vehicles;
  • qualification exams and issue of driving licences

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