Labour Legislation and Protection of Social Rights.



Goltsblat BLP advises concerning certain important developments in the labour legislation aimed at protecting social rights and stabilising the labour market during the economic crisis.

As per Federal Law No. 216-FZ dated 25 November 2008, the maximum monthly temporary disability and maternity allowances have been increased to 18720 and 25390 roubles in 2009.

The Agreement on the Minimum Wage in Moscow sets the minimum wage level at 8300 roubles from 1 January 2009, 8500 roubles from 1 May 2009 and 8 700 roubles from 1 September 2009, respectively.

As per the amendments to the Federal Law on Employment in the Russian Federation (RF) introduced by Federal Law No. 287-FZ of 25 December 2008, when adopting a half working day or week or suspending operations, an employer must now, within 3 days of the relevant decision, notify the employment authorities to this effect in writing.

The Moscow Trilateral Agreement for 2009 concluded between the Moscow Government, Moscow associations of trades unions and Moscow associations of employers does not permit delays in payment of salaries to employees or mass dismissals or use of illegal payment arrangements in Moscow;

A number of measures have been adopted to provide support for the unemployed.

Resolution of the Russian Government No. 915 of 8 December 2008 has increased the maximum unemployment benefit to 4900 roubles in 2009.
The amendments to the RF Law on Employment in the Russian Federation have regularised the method for calculating stipends to individuals undergoing professional training and retraining or upgrading their qualifications as directed by the employment authorities.

As per Resolution No. 47-PP of the Moscow Government dated 27 January 2009, a number of additional material support measures for the unemployed have been established in Moscow, including, in particular, supplements to unemployment allowances, reimbursement of costs incurred in using municipal public transport, material aid to the unemployed person during his/her temporary incapacity to work and to one of his/her family members in the event of his/her death.

Law of the Moscow Region No. 189/2008-OZ of 05 December 2008 requires organisations located in the Moscow Region and employing an average of more than 100 persons to provide the Moscow Region employment authority with information about fulfilment  of the employment quota for disabled persons – on a monthly basis –and for the categories of individuals listed in article 3 of the Law – on a quarterly basis.

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