List of Professionals Exempt from Foreign Worker Quotas in 2009.



Goltsblat BLP hereby advises that the Ministry for Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation adopted on 24 March 2009 Order No. “On Approval of the List for 2009 of Professions (Areas of Expertise, Positions) of Qualified Foreign Citizens Seeking Employment in Their Profession (Area of Expertise) That are Not Subject to Quotas” (hereinafter the “Order”). The Order will come into effect on 24 May 2009.

The Order approves the 2009 list of professions (areas of expertise, positions) of foreign professionals exempted from the quotas for employment of foreign citizens in the Russian Federation.

  • The list includes 17 professions (areas of expertise, positions) that may be grouped as follows:
    General Director:
    of a joint-stock company; association; enterprise; general directorate; inter-branch scientific and technical complex; production association;
  • Director:
    of a plant; representative office; (manager) of a production association; factory; (head, manager) of an enterprise; firm; joint-stock company; association; (head) of a production combine;
  • Engineer:
    for information security; automation and mechanisation of the production process.

Consequently, if an employer failed for some reason to apply to the relevant authorities for a 2009 quota with respect to foreign citizens working in the above professions (areas of expertise, positions), such an omission would not prevent them from working in said areas.
Please note, however, that foreign citizens may only be employed in the above positions if said positions have been included in the staffing schedule of the employer.

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