The Rules for Connecting Customers to Power Grids Have Been Changed.



Goltsblat BLP advises that Resolution No. 334 of the Government of the Russian Federation, dated 21 April 2009, “On Amendments to Certain Acts of the Government of the Russian Federation on the Issues of Improving the Procedure for the Technical Connection of Customers to Power Grids” (hereinafter – the “Resolution”) has been adopted.  This Resolution has entered into force.

The Resolution changes the procedure governing the technical connection of customers to power grids (hereinafter – “connection”). 

1) It enshrines in legislation the possible connection of a customer’s power receivers through the redistribution of connected capacity by means of a reduction in the volume of the connected capacity of the power units owned by other customers connected to the power grids. 

There are two options for capacity redistribution: 

  • between power receivers belonging to different owners and connected to the same power grid (provided that the power units of the owner that wants to reduce its connected capacity were connected to the power grids before 1 January 2009);
  • between the power units of an owner connected to the power grid in favour of another party whose power units are not connected to the power grid.

The fee for technical connection is calculated proceeding from the expenses incurred by the power grid operator on measures to redistribute the connected capacity of specific power receivers (power grids) and to install network infrastructure from the boundaries of the applicant’s site to the power grid of the operator.   

2) Power grid operators may not refuse to connect certain categories of legal entities and individuals, irrespective of whether or not the power grid operator has the technical capability to perform the connection on the application date.

3) The Resolution introduces a procedure for temporary connections (up to six months) to the power grid to supply electricity to mobile facilities with a maximum capacity of up to 100kW (including capacity previously connected at this connection point).

4) The connection procedure is regulated in more detail.

In particular, it establishes that an applicant should send an application for connection to the power grid operator, whose power grid facilities are closest to the boundaries of the applicant’s site. The applicant may file a request with the local government authorities to determine its appurtenance to a specific power grid.

5) The Resolution sets the maximum time limits for establishing a connection.

The maximum time limit for connection is established for applicants, where the total connected capacity of their power receivers:

  • does not exceed  750kVA  – one year, unless a shorter timeframe is stipulated by an applicable investment programme or an agreement between the parties;
  • exceeds 750kVA – two years, unless another timeframe is stipulated by the applicable investment programme or an agreement between the parties, but not more than four years.

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