2010 financial support for reducing industrial injury and occupational disease and for employee treatment.


Legal update No. 140.

Goltsblat BLP advises that Ministry for Health and Social Development Directive No. 64n of 5 February 2010 “On introduction of 2010 Rules for funding preventive measures aimed at reducing industrial injury and occupational disease and providing spa therapy for employees working under harmful and/or hazardous conditions“ came into effect on 4 April 2010.

The Rules contemplate that, in 2010, the insured’s costs listed below will be covered out of premiums contributed to the Social Insurance Fund of the Russian Federation by the insured during the current financial year for social insurance against industrial accidents and occupational disease, including:

  • evaluation of working conditions at work places;
  • industrial safety training for certain categories of employee;
  • regular mandatory medical examinations (check-ups) of employees working under harmful and/or hazardous conditions;
  • alignment of the dust and gas content in the air, noise and vibration and emission levels at the work place with the applicable statutory work safety standards;
  • acquisition of protective work clothing, footwear and other  means of personal protection;
  • provision of healthy meals;
  • spa therapy for employees working under harmful and/or hazardous conditions.

The insured’s allocations for such preventive measures may not exceed 20 per cent of the insurance premium accrued by it for the previous calendar year, less relevant insurance indemnity paid to the insured during that calendar year.

In order to obtain funding for such preventive measures, the insured should submit an application, together with the other requisite documents, to the Fund’s executive authority of the Fund at the place of his/her registration by 1 August of the current calendar year. A decision must be taken by from the authority within 10 to 18 working days; then, within another 3 days, the insured must be notified of the decision. In the event of a refusal, the reasons for this must be justified (the list of cases for refusal is exhaustive). The insured may appeal any refusal decision by the relevant executive authority of the Fund with the superior Fund authority or in court.

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