Russian Ministry of Agriculture: Forest Use Rules for Linear Facility Construction and Operation.


Legal Update No. 162.

Goltsblat BLP advises that, on 5 February 2010, the Russian Ministry of Agriculture issued order No. 28 “On Approving Forest Use Rules for Construction, Reconstruction and Operation of Power Supply Lines, Communications Lines, Roads, Pipelines and other Linear Facilities”.

For ensuring safe operation of the linear facilities and protecting the environment, the order:

  • permits periodical clearance of any woody and shrub vegetation from power supply and communications line routes only by felling (previously, this was only permitted for vegetation taller than 4 metres and by using chemicals);
  • permits tree and shrub felling within buffer zones of power supply and communications lines, other power grid facilities and communications structures, as well as chemical or combined destruction of trees and shrubs growing on the cuttings if these interfere with safe operation of the linear facilities;
  • prescribes that all the land within the linear facility buffer zones be rehabilitated where the soil is disturbed and there is a threat of erosion, including by sowing grass and/or planting shrubs on slopes;
  • prescribes that, within the power supply and communications line buffer zones (other than cable lines), compensatory trees and shrubs of a height not impeding safe operation of the linear facilities be planted, in order to mitigate damage to forests and the environment.

Before felling trees, shrubs and creepers in forests, the party to perform the felling shall notify the forestry authorities of the time and area of the felling, the volume and species of the timber to be felled and the place of the felling.

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