Consular protection of Russian citizens and legal entities abroad under the new RF Consular Statute.


Legal Update No.159.

Goltsblat BLP advises of adoption of Federal Law No. 154-FZ “Consular Statute of the Russian Federation” of 5 July 2010 (the “RF Consular Statute”) with effect from 4 January 2011. 

The RF Consular Statute places high emphasis on protecting the rights and interests of Russian citizens and legal entities outside the Russian Federation.

The consular functions include, inter alia:

  • processing and issuing ID documents for Russian citizens outside Russia; 
  • processing and issuing Russian visas to foreign citizens;
  • civil registration;
  • notary services;
  • consular legalisation of official foreign documents for submission in Russia (with the right to request notarised Russian translations of the  documents to be legalised); 
  • requesting provision by the RF or host country of documents associated with the rights and interests of citizens and legal entities;
  • providing necessary support to Russian vessels, ships, aircraft, road and rail means of transport and their crews;
  • taking measures to protect the rights and legitimate interests of and provide due legal assistance to detained, arrested or imprisoned Russian citizens.

Of particular interest is the list of notary services that may be provided by consular officials abroad:

  • certifying transactions (powers-of-attorney, contracts, wills, etc.) apart from contracts to dispose of real estate in Russia and transactions involving disposal or pledge of an ownership interest (or part thereof) in Russian limited liability companies;
  • certifying true copies and extracts from them;
  • certifying signatures on documents;
  • certifying translations from one language to another;
  • certifying that a citizen is alive or residing at a particular place, as well as his/her identity in the photograph;
  • recording the time of submission of a document;
  • making sea protests;
  • ensuring protection of legacies.

Consular services are subject to consular fees and disbursement charges.

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