No. 70. Sochi-2014 – Olympic Infrastructure Development Made Easier


Goltsblat BLP advises that Federal Law No. 155-FZ, dated 17 July 2009, “On Amendments to Individual Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation” came into force on 21 July 2009, enacting another package of measures to accelerate and simplify construction of facilities for the 2014 Olympic and Paralympic Games (the “2014 Olympic Games”).

1. Linear Olympic facilities may be constructed and operated on agricultural land without land conversion but subject to remediation of unused land for agricultural use once the linear facilities have been constructed and put into operation.

2. The rules governing reservation and taking of land and/or real estate located thereon for state or municipal use in organising and holding the 2014 Olympic Games have been supplemented, as have those for allocation of land and residential premises to individuals in exchange for ones taken from them to accommodate federally significant Olympic facilities:

  • Decisions to take land and/or real estate for locating federally significant Olympic facilities provide grounds for demolishing or taking down such real estate;
  • The period for signing an agreement on taking land and/or real estate has been reduced to one month, after which the Krasnodar Territory Administration or the Sochi local government can take the matter to court;
  • When such agreements are signed, individuals owing premises in blocks of flats located on the land taken may choose, in exchange for the residential premises taken, to receive title to other residential premises (individual houses, residential premises in apartment blocks or in multi-family residential buildings);
  • The taking of land for locating Olympic facilities or developing adjacent areas provide grounds for simultaneous termination of third party rights encumbering such land;
  • The Sochi local government may suggest that owners of land or real estate in areas adjacent to Olympic facilities sign agreements requiring them to improve these sites and and/or complete construction or reconstruction of, perform major or current repairs to such facilities. If such agreements are signed, the land and/or real estate located thereon will not be taken.

3. For the period during the run-up and the 2014 Olympic Games themselves, the Russian Government is authorised to determine the specific way to issue technical conditions, set a power connection fee and connect constructed facilities to gas, heat and water supply networks in Sochi.

4. The concept has been introduced of stage-by-stage construction of an Olympic facility. In contrast to the general rule, a construction stage will be understood in this case as facilities or parts thereof that cannot be operated autonomously, in the first place - linear facilities: tunnels, bridges, over- and underpasses, platforms, flyovers and sections of roads, pipelines and power supply lines.

5. Town-planning specifics of stage-by-stage Olympic facility construction have been prescribed:

  • state environmental reviews and state expert reviews of design documentation may be conducted with respect to both constructed facilities and sections thereof making up part of a linear Olympic facility;
  • territorial planning documentation for Olympic facilities may be approved for part of the territory where such a facility is located or is to be located, subject to statements of reasons and calculations confirming the feasibility of the adopted project solutions.

6. Special requirements have been prescribed with respect to the content of and approval procedure for documents relating to planning of territories adjacent to Olympic facilities:

  • such documents should be included in the Olympic territorial planning documentation as a separate section and may be approved simultaneously with or after this documentation has been approved. In the latter case, the planning documents for territories adjacent to Olympic facilities may be prepared by the Krasnodar Territory Administration;
  • such documentation is subject to approval by the Russian Ministry for Regional Development.

7. It is established that the activities of state and local government authorities, stake-holding organisations and the Olimpstroy State Committee in organising and holding the 2014 Olympic Games will be coordinated by the Russian Ministry for Regional Development.

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